Grits and Sweat I – A Series of Baroque Philosophical Documents Based Upon Objective Observations
Grits and Sweat I – A Series of Baroque Philosophical Documents Based Upon Objective Observations

Grits and Sweat I – A Series of Baroque Philosophical Documents Based Upon Objective Observations

This document begins rationally with Aliester/Simon Alexander Crowley’s words, do as thou wilt is the whole of the law. Rationality often is the only real solution to everything, but it is not always “pretty”, hence the title grits and sweat, like cause and effect, that is the story of my life and all rationally lived lives: grits and sweat like cause and effect rationally lived by without letup. So, here I semi-quote James Brown, Papa’s Got The Oldest Bag of all, but he could never really have a brand new bag, because the bag that works has already been invented.

So, when I say “do as thou wilt is the whole of the law”, I mean it in the most rational way imaginable and real. That is as simple as sewing and reaping, or cause and effect. Rationally used and controlled cause and effect, the fuel of all rational productive self-leaders, the lifeblood of fully-integrated honest man and woman. So, if do as you need to to grow or “as thou wilt” is not the whole of the law, then what is? I will take the next few paragraphs to answer that question.

The grits and sweat of life is the answer to that question, ultimately, one must work for themselves to break through to the reality of the situation. That’s what it all comes down to in every genuine way; the reality. Nothing else matters, yet imagination and controlled understanding do shape the reality of the situation. When cause and effect are in that equation, it is ruthlessly hard work, grits and sweat to make it what you want it.

So, the whole of the law is do what you need to do to grow in those fancy words, “do as thou wilt.”; I understand Aliester’s time though, he couldn’t have been clearer with his message. Hide a plain, workable message in a fancy wrapper. Well, grits and sweat ain’t no presentation or looking good, they just taste good and sweet after cooking them with a little honey on top to make them more palatable. A mountain of pureed hominy with butter and honey on them in a hot little country kitchen may not seem too appetizing to cook until after they are done and you can eat the appetizing result, but that’s the beauty of grits and sweat, when you know what you are going to get, you enjoy the process as well as the result and the eating. So, maybe I should have named this “Sweat and Grits”, because the process is in that order. You sweat while cooking and preparing the grits, and then eat the grits. But I put the grits first to say, yes, this is the purpose and proof of this document. The sweat in applying it is secondary when you know the good results of what you do with the knowledge, especially the self knowledge, Knowing yourself is especially sweeter than honey on the grits. Grits and honey themselves taste good short-range. Self-knowledge is great long-range.

I’m well versed in what I am saying here, I more than lived it, I am it. Better than a goddamn game of tag. So, what else is the oldest story in the universe and world? Nothing else. Like there are no pedagogical infinities. Sweat, grits, honesty and all the trimmings until you reach your goal. I didn’t say nothing about hard, it’s only hard if one makes it hard. Understanding is easy, if you allow it – to use a term that Abraham and the Hicks’ (Jerry and Esther) use in their works. Well, to quote another channel (Jane Roberts/Seth/me before I was born in Hawthorne in 1975, A.D.): The point of power is now. So, sure, sweat, grits and honesty is not only a “tasty treat”, it’s a way of life that becomes easy, normal and real if you allow it to be. That is the big key, allowance. Self-allowance. No matter how pan-determined things can be, it always comes down to individual volition to genuinely do the right thing. Spike Lee made a movie about that very concept. So, again I repeat Aliester Crowley’s adage: Do as thou wilt, is the whole of the law. Your consequences are your consequences, your actions are your actions, as mine are mine.

So, I think of the theorems I came up with from a good friend of mine named Derrick B.’s variant Chess game, and all results of play came to that same conclusion no matter how I won the five in a row; by the way, you reading this document, find out more about that game along with the game of life. So life is a chess game, no matter how you capture the king or get five in a row, your results are your results, your actions are your actions and your consequences are your consequences, but also, your benefits are your benefits and your rewards are your rewards, as are mine as mine.

So, we are getting down to what Joshua Clayton means by rational selfishness is a virtue. Irrational selfishness is just foolishness, but rational selfishness is reasonable and honest self-interest that goes to a value creator or a productive thinking performer in life. But to go beyond what I meant, this is Joshua Clayton speaking, your grits and sweat is going to be your grits and sweat and you are the one that has to take initiative and benefit from your own efforts even if it takes a fight or some work. That is the gist of what I am saying. L. Ron Hubbard, said, “Survive!”, I say, “Thrive, no matter what it rationally takes, thrive!” They are both old messages, but new for anyone who allows themselves to understand them. Even Dr. Denis Waitley of The Psychology of Winning fame understands this fact I’m talking about apparently from the programs he makes and lives by. Sure Robert J. Ringer, understands “Survive!”, but Denis Waitley understands my “Thrive!”, the essence of grits and sweat, baby. Or as James Brown says at the beginning of “Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag”: “This Is A Hit!!!!” The ultimate dance of life, Papa’s got his bag. Not a brand new one, but his bag. To thrive is to go beyond mere survival. To make and create your own power and even use it right in every way (I didn’t say perfectly, I said every:) – that is fully-integrated honesty and wide-scope accounting. This is a hit. Them’s some good grits with drippin’ honey, baby.

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