Our Story

Not so long ago we were walking in your shoes, each armed with our own exciting ideas, aspiring to enter the world of entrepreneurship to fulfill our personal ambitions and dreams after years of working in large corporations. Full of vigor, willing to take a giant leap and face the unknown risks associated with starting a new venture rather than doing nothing and becoming another shelved "Uber or Facebook" idea that never comes to fruition.

Being first time entrepreneurs with no prior experience, no small business expertise and no assistance, it was especially difficult and very overwhelming. Each of us nervous of becoming yet another new venture casualty, a contributor to the alarming business start-up failure statistics which in itself has us dreamers, wannabe business owners running for the hills.

After many trials, tribulations and money thrown to the wind we each figured it out and managed successful businesses based on our individual strengths, past experiences and competencies. We both learned that with an unwavering commitment, a diversified experienced team, a well researched plan and ongoing mentor ship that most ideas have the potential to be a winner.

Fast forward to today. We met through business circles back in 2014, collaborated on projects bringing our independent areas of expertise to the table and then...we both had an "aha" moment - why not merge our complementing, synergistic services into one amazing company? A company that would focus on and offer the entrepreneurial, small business community a full and unique but integrated range of services; that each and every business needs, at an exceptional value? Our baby Startwirth was born!

At the very core of our decision to join forces was a common goal, ethical foundation and personal quest – a sincere passion for and a commitment to developing entrepreneurs and successful businesses. To share our personal entrepreneurial experiences, knowledge, expertise and relationships we developed over the years to help other businesses reach their dreams while avoiding the many risk associated with starting, developing and managing a small business. Call it giving back, paying it forward or merely wanting to see others succeed – it's in both our DNA's.

What can you expect when working with us? Well we're real, down-to-earth, call a spade a spade team that only have our clients best interests in mind, no hidden agendas in our camp! We readily admit that we don't have all of the answers (although sometimes we think we do!) and when we don't, we call on and tap into a wealth of behind-the-scene experts that we have assembled that share the same entrepreneurial passions and commitment to the development of small businesses.

We are confident, efficient, direct, light-hearted at times yet always professional. You can expect honesty, a commitment to excellence and that we'll have your back. Don’t expect us to tie a ribbon on or sugar coat a poorly planned business, marketing plan or branding initiative – we'll always shoot you the straight goods!

As previously stated, we always have our clients best interests at heart and we gauge our success on our clients success!

Our Amazing Team

We pride ourselves on being different...very different in fact. We always go the extra mile for each and everyone of our clients and business associates - it's just what we're programmed to do. We truly care and take the time to get to know them, their aspirations and of course their business intimately. We are a very cohesive team of driven professionals, business Jedi's, marketing and technical gurus, that continuously push the boundaries of innovation and creativity. Our common goal is to always craft impactful, actionable, real world business building solutions that exceed our client's expectations and specific needs.

AMANDA SEBELE Co-Founder, Branding & Creative Specialist

With a strong creative edge and an uncanny ability to sense and uncover what the customer is craving, there isn't a business challenge too big for Amanda.

Having over 15 years’ experience in the fast paced world of technology, design and marketing, Amanda has worked as a creative director, branding specialist, web developer and print coordinator with an impressive list of leading organizations. Her strongest hard core technical competencies lies in her graphic design and web development skills which she is well known for. Always highly motivated, Amanda has developed an impressive portfolio that shows both her diversity and ability to pinpoint what needs to be done to deliver the best, most impactful results for her clients. Prior to diving into the world of entrepreneurship herself, Amanda honed her crafts working within the retail, wholesale, manufacturing, printing and trade service industries. The experience provided Amanda with a wealth of knowledge and hands-on expertise for Business to Consumer and Business to Business marketing.

On a personal side when she’s not designing websites, creating logos or helping kick start new business ventures, you’re likely to find Amanda glued to her phone further educating herself in the world of ever changing technology, being silly and imaginative with her young daughter, or sitting on the boat competing with her husband as to who will catch the next “big one”.

DOUG DAYMOND Co-Founder, Planning & Strategy Specialist

Best known for his witty sense of humor and 25+ years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, Doug has earned the respect and role of a successful straight shooter to his colleagues and friends. Having founded various small businesses, he knows what’s necessary to take a business to the forefront of its competition and keep it in the driver’s seat. His honest, methodical systematic approach to strategic planning and innovative growth has solidified his role as a no-nonsense, down to earth, compassionate business strategist, developer and adviser who has a wealth of small business client successes to his credit.

Although Doug is now recognized as a entrepreneur junky, he has a diverse corporate background having worked as a Senior Executive with high profile companies such as Nintendo, Sega and Ault Foods. Outside of Startwirth, Doug is also currently active working with both the Guelph and Kitchener Waterloo Business Centers as a small business adviser / mentor and seminar lecturer.

When Doug isn't helping businesses succeed and challenging the "status quo”, you will probably find him either at a concert, music festival, playing guitar (wanna be rock-star!), watching the Jays or enjoying a basket of extra suicide chicken wings (that would bring most grown men to tears!). With his larger than life presence and personality he may come off a little hard around the edges, but don’t let the tough look fool you - he only folds his arms because he’s not quite sure what else to do with them.