It's living a few years of your life like most people won't,
    so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can't.



    “Small business is our universe — the entrepreneur its centre, and imagination its boundary” – Startwirth Team



    "If you don't have the time to do it right,
    when will you have the time to do it over?" - John Wooden

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The Statistics Are Alarming...

Only 85% of new Canadian businesses survive their first year, and only 70% make it through their second. Shockingly, only 51% make it to year five! (Source: Industry Canada 2014)

The question is, why? Why the doom & gloom?

It’s certainly not for a lack of sweat, enthusiasm, gumption, and grit. Often, failed businesses start with an idea or dream, but launch without a plan, defined strategy, proper direction or professional knowledge.

Knowing that 98% of the Canadian market is made up of small businesses — high on passion and determination, with a knack for innovation — we sought out to make a difference and help entrepreneurs and small business owners turn things around.

Changing those statistics, and making an impact on the lives of small business owners, is exactly what motivates and drives us.

We founded Startwirth recognizing first hand that startups and small businesses have a need for ongoing professional support, assistance, day-to-day management tools and processes to survive, thrive and fulfill their true potential - although most don't admit or recognize it until it's too late. They need to continuously evaluate and improve their businesses to remain competitive, minimize their risks and financial exposure and capitalize on opportunities.

The team at Startwirth has the expertise, systems, full range of business development services and burning passion to put every entrepreneur and small business onto the road to success!

Small Business Is Our Only Business

Let’s face it, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to building a successful business. Today's small business owner has unique challenges, needs, wants and sensitivities that many service and product providers either don’t understand, aren’t structured to assist, or quite frankly, don’t care to address because they prefer to cast their line to catch the “Big Fish”. Not us, not at Startwirth! Helping the small fish grow big is what we're about!

We do what we do because we all have a sincere, deep rooted passion and commitment to make a positive impact on the Canadian small business community. To solely focus on respecting, assisting and developing existing and next generation small business owners so they achieve the success they are striving for, to enrich their lives – whatever that may mean to them. We have no interest in casting for the Big Fish! We're just fine working with and assisting the business majority that makes our communities thrive!

So who are we? We're an energetic, diverse team of experienced business professionals who have a lot of big business experience but are now serial entrepreneurs at heart and won't look back. We have walked in your shoes and been through the school of hard knocks with our own entrepreneurial ventures. As a result, we are that much wiser and know what it takes to increase the chances of being a success rather than adding to the failure statistics. Our clients have the benefit and learning from our experiences - and yes our mistakes!

We've got you covered!

From concept to completion, we will be with you every step of the way. Being an entrepreneur is complicated. There are many pieces to put together, including: ideation, planning, forming a team, generating revenues, raising capital, growing operations, achieving profitability, and last but not least...producing a sizable return for all stakeholders.

We have the team, expertise and processes to touch and impact all areas of your business through proven, uncomplicated, real-world, actionable solutions.

Call us your guardian angels because your best interests and success are always our top-of-mind priority. Plus there's nothing like an awesome success story right?

Validation & Planning

Failing to plan is planning to fail! Not with us you won't. We ensure you start your journey or improvements with your eyes wide open.

Branding & Marketing

Every business needs to have a unique personality! We help find and define your company's personality, look and voice!

Social, Digital & Print Media

From soup to technical nuts, we provide an extensive portfolio of sales, marketing and promotional services.

Why Startwirth?

Because we're genuinely committed, 110% all-in to making a positive impact on the entrepreneurial community!

Committed to providing straight forward, no nonsense, affordable business building and transformation solutions and services that are specifically tailored to your industry, situation and business needs.


“I could not ask for a better professional business advisor & mentor than Doug Daymond. He went out of his way to ensure I had all the necessary tools to enter the world of entrepreneurship with the highest understanding and chances of success. His advice has been pivotal throughout the planning process. I’ve appreciates his up-front, honest and no excuses approach to small business planning and I have always felt comfortable approaching Doug with questions or concerns throughout our time working together. I strongly recommend Doug to anyone in the early stages of starting a business. His industry knowledge, business contacts and advice will no doubt be as crucial to your success as they were for my own. Don’t start your business venture without Doug on your team!” Rob Hanna – Owner, MobileUpkeep.com


I turned to Amanda Sebele to create and design a fresh brand and website look for my new business. I was stunned at how fast they were able to come back to us with several great looking logos to kick off the process. The overall look was exactly what I was hoping for. Amanda then efficiently expanded that new brand into a fresh and functional website. The cost was a fraction of what I was expecting to pay for all the work they did and they were so easy to collaborate with throughout the project. I am glad I have Amanda on my team, quick, affordable and dedicated! It's true... from concept to completion looking after my marketing and design needs, so I can focus on what I do best! Trevor Misch - Owner, Novelime Inc.


“Doug is a very driven and highly motivating individual, who has a special talent for inspiring fresh ideas and encouraging success from those around him. I am a new entrepreneur with minimal background in business, and Doug has been supportive of my vision, taking time to educate and encourage me towards my start-up goal. I was grateful to have had Doug's expertise and support from day one, and I look forward to working with him as my business grows and evolves in the years to come. Highly recommended!” Marilyn Aston – Owner, One Leg Up Canine Company


Amanda I wanted to send you a HUGE THANK YOU and JOB WELL DONE after recent work you did for my new company. Over the last 7 years I have had the pleasure of utilizing your services and working closely with you on my sales catalogue, email blast ideas and sales campaign projects. Any job I threw at you was eagerly taken on and completed creatively, efficiently and quickly with outstanding results that hit the mark! It's awesome how you can take an idea and bring it to reality so accurately. You are always accommodating and have an upbeat positive attitude that is refreshing in our fast pace business world filled with stresses and lack of time. I thank you for that! It has been and will always be a pleasure working with you on past and future requirements I will need for my business. You definitely get recommended to colleagues in my industry I assure you! Thanks again for all you do Amanda! Kevin - President, Jetzam Novelties Inc.


“Doug gives a very thorough, pragmatic approach to designing and building a business from the ground up. He is the player on your team that you need and want to have, because he has the experience, knowledge and business acumen to develop and implement a successful corporate strategy. Insist on partnering with Startwirth; you will be glad that you did.” Sean Astins – Owner, Oxford Home Improvements